Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is a very good excel file named KharchaPani. It means Miscellaneous Expenses in English. It has the following features listed below. I got this file in an Educational Institutes computer lab in India. With this file you can manage your daily expences or daily household expences. This provides a good dashboard.

Download the file Kharcha Pani
Kharcha pani file in Excel 2007 file format
kharcha-pani-expencess-excell2007.xlsx (Link working as on 6th Feb 2010)
or click here
Download a Multiyear Calender with years from 1900 to 2078.
Download Mirrors calendar.xls
or click here
Calendar in excel 2007 format calendar-excel2007.xlsx
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All the above files in a zip file:
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This excel aims at giving the user the complete view of his finances and help him to manage his daily personal expenses in a better way. This excel also helps the user to keep track of his monetary transactions with his friends(Jama/Udhar).All you need to do is to fill in your daily personal expense/income and the information about your monetary transactions with your friends. The total savings, monthly and yearly summaries and the graphs will be automatically generated.

All files are same, all are excel files.
monthly expenses xls sheet, Download
kharcha pani excel sheet, Download
daily and monthly expenses sheets, Download
Daily Expense Excel Sheet, Download
monthly expense excel sheet, Download
expenses file excel, Download
kharcha pani dashboard, Download
Kharcha pani, Download
expenses excel format Download